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Our massage therapists are specially trained to relieve stress and pain. Relax with us, or get a therapeutic massage to help with many health conditions.
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We will suggest a corrective or customized chiropractic
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We believe in the healing power of massage to treat many
painful conditions and the holistic effect on the body.


Injuries shouldn’t rule your life. Restore your
normal with a tailored rehabilitation program.

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MindBody Med is a chiropractor, massage, and rehabilitation center located in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle, WA (easily accessible by car, bus or bicycle). We provide a wide range of resources for achieving holistic health and wellness provided by licensed practitioners including a chiropractor and massage therapists.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization

Special Offer Badge WhiteSo whether you’re looking to enhance the function of your body or optimize your mental ability, you must address both. The treatment we provide here at MBM is aimed at treating musculoskeletal disorders, but our results are not limited to the body. When a person is pain-free and moving optimally, their stress levels reduce, their sleep improves, and they are able to engage in the activities they love.

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We blend multiple methods and techniques for personalized treatment. Our hybrid approach combines techniques to fit the need of each individual patient. Your individual needs dictate which techniques and methods are used.

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  • I moved to the area about 9 months ago and found this place through the internet. Dr. Chevigny was great! He made my back aches and migraines go away after two appointments. He understood that I was fresh out of college and had just moved and had other priorities. We discussed that it would be best for me to come in with a regular schedule, but agreed it wasn’t realistic for me financially at the time. All around great!

    Sophie Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Chevigny provides great-individualized care to all of his patients. For example, I have an extremely hyper mobile neck making it very difficult for many chiropractors to adjust. In the past, many chiropractors I have seen give up on my neck after the first few visits leaving me in extreme pain. Not Dr. Chevigny!! He went above and beyond to make sure my neck was adjusted. To this day he still provides the best neck adjustments I have ever had! He is always learning new techniques to help my specific situation. Another example: when I was having some complications during pregnancy that did not allow for the use of “normal” or the “most commonly used” adjustment techniques he found ways to still make sure I was getting the proper care and adjustments I needed.

    Alyssa R Seattle, WA
  • I come here for massage and it is always wonderful. Nicole works out the kinks in my muscles and I feel better. The place is low key and the price is right!

    Christine P Seattle, WA

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Get holistic, drug-free pain relief from our massage therapists and chiropractor today!