Dr. John Chevigny DC, CCSP, CSCS

Dr. Chevigny is a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician with a fellowship in Sports Medicine. He has extensive experience in providing thorough, excellent care for a wide variety of [...]

Mary Bailey NTP, LMP

Mary has a passion for and dedication to helping her patients achieve their health goals. She believes that the mind, body, and spirit must all be considered and brought to a place of balance to [...]

John (Wan) Nguyen, EAMP

John “Wan” fell in love with acupuncture at the same time he fell in love with Aikido in 1996 at Ohio State University. He loved the idea of healing and self-empowerment while incorporating the [...]

Maitram “Mai” Nguyen, LMP

Mai has been practicing massage therapy since 2006. She has always focused on the well-being of her clients and has been grateful that her skills can improve the quality of people’s lives. [...]

Dr. Mark Belanger DC, SFMA, DNS, FMT

Dr. Belanger utilizes evidence-based manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques to deliver the best possible care. With a Master’s in Sports Medicine, he has experience working with athletes of [...]