Chiropractic Care

MindBody Med is a Seattle chiropractor and clinic who can help if you are seeking a healthful, natural way to heal your body from pain and injuries. We have extensive experience treating a [...]

Corrective Chiropractic

MindBody Med offers corrective chiropractic care in Seattle. We find and correct often painful problems in spinal alignment to bring you natural, lasting relief. Just as a building needs a secure [...]

Massage Therapy

MindBody Med offers pain-relieving massage therapy services in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood. We believe in treating the whole person and approach healing with an understanding of the [...]


If you’re looking for a holistic way to relieve pain, boost your energy, and improve your wellness, look no further than MindBody Med’s safe, natural acupuncture treatments in [...]

Nutrition Counseling

MindBody Med in Seattle, WA offers functional nutrition counseling services to help you live your healthiest life. We help you create a personalized nutrition plan that’s right for you. [...]

COVID Immune System Strengthening

COVID immune system strengthening services are now available at Mind Body Med in Seattle, WA. Unfortunately, COVID 19 doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The good news is there are [...]

Supplements That Reduce Inflammation

Fight the harmful effects of inflammation throughout your body with whole food supplements and personalized nutrition plans from MindBody Med in Seattle, WA. We are dedicated to helping you [...]

Sports Massage

When you have experienced a sports-related strain or sprain, the best gift you can give your body is a sports massage from the certified therapists at MindBody Med in Seattle, WA. Sports injury [...]

Deep Tissue Massage

Get relief from tight, achy muscles and chronic pain, with deep tissue massage at MindBody Med in Seattle. Let’s trade those muscle knots for sighs of relief with this therapeutic [...]

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