MindBody Med is an integrated health clinic located in Seattle, WA that seeks to promote the health of its community. For us health is more than the elimination of disease or symptoms. We know that mental / emotional stress causes physical changes in the body (psychosomatic) and when chronic can be detrimental. Research also shows that the body heals faster and the immune system operates better when the body is in a state of relaxation. Whether you’re looking for a solution to a recent injury, help with chronic pain or disease, or to perform better in your sport or life we’ve got you covered.

Our chiropractic and massage clinic is led by Dr. John Chevigny, who offers years of experience and a compassionate, holistic approach to care.

At MindBody Med, we believe that the methods used to treat your condition must resonate with your needs. At MindBody Med, your treatment is a collaborative process between you and your clinician to create the best possible patient experience.

Work Hard & Play Hard

Our typical patient is one that “works hard and plays hard,” and is looking to be proactive in their recovery. That is why our aim is not only to help our patients recover as quickly and safely as possible but also create an opportunity for learning so in the future you will have to tools to recognize and address issues before they negatively impact your life.

Office Tour

Our Name Change

Our clinic has been in Northeast Seattle for over 15 years. Once known as Wedgwood Center for Natural Medicine, we changed our name, as we have added to the services offered and aim to serve more than just the Wedgwood community.