Massage Therapy

MindBody Med offers pain-relieving massage therapy in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood. We believe in treating the whole person and approach healing with an understanding of the body’s [...]

Sports Massage

MindBody Med in Seattle has certified therapists dedicated to your athletic recovery and performance. Our sports massage therapist use their experience to provide you with specialized techniques [...]

Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage provides relief from muscle tension, body aches and chronic pain. With a licensed message therapist at MindBody Med, Seattle, WA, this technique will aid in increased [...]

Swedish Massage

For a whole body approach to reduce chronic pain and heal from muscle injuries, Seattle patients can find relief with a Swedish massage at MindBody Med in the easily accessible Ravenna [...]

Prenatal & Pregnancy Massage

Experience Relief and Relaxation with Prenatal and Pregnancy Massages at MindBody Med in Seattle, WA. Let’s get you feeling more like yourself as you go through this phenomenal experience. Relive [...]

Trigger Point Massage

Reduce your tension and achieve natural pain relief with a trigger point massage offered by MindBody Med’s professional Seattle, WA massage therapists. We look forward to helping you feel [...]