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  • I moved to the area about 9 months ago and found this place through the internet. Dr. Chevigny was great! He made my back aches and migraines go away after two appointments. He understood that I was fresh out of college and had just moved and had other priorities. We discussed that it would be best for me to come in with a regular schedule, but agreed it wasn’t realistic for me financially at the time. All around great!

    Sophie Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Chevigny provides great-individualized care to all of his patients. For example, I have an extremely hyper mobile neck making it very difficult for many chiropractors to adjust. In the past, many chiropractors I have seen give up on my neck after the first few visits leaving me in extreme pain. Not Dr. Chevigny!! He went above and beyond to make sure my neck was adjusted. To this day he still provides the best neck adjustments I have ever had! He is always learning new techniques to help my specific situation. Another example: when I was having some complications during pregnancy that did not allow for the use of “normal” or the “most commonly used” adjustment techniques he found ways to still make sure I was getting the proper care and adjustments I needed.

    Alyssa R Seattle, WA
  • I come here for massage and it is always wonderful. Nicole works out the kinks in my muscles and I feel better. The place is low key and the price is right!

    Christine P Seattle, WA
  • I have come now for almost 3 years, 26 times a year for a deep tissue massage by Julie Londergan. She has brought me back into shape after several injuries. I’ll be 75 this August 2019, and my stuck points and pain have been eliminated. I feel 40! Julie gives a great massage and is a delightful person. You’d like her too.

    Marty R Seattle, WA
  • I am late in my pregnancy and have experienced severe lower back pain, to the point where I could barely walk and was in constant pain. I have been seeing Julie for massage and she has been so wonderful - working with me to treat my pain with massage and making sure she is addressing my massage needs! It has helped SO much! I have also seen Maria when Julie wasn't available and she was awesome too! They are all so sweet and have been super accommodating with scheduling and meeting my needs. The massages are so great and they really know what they are doing! I highly recommend going here!!

    Lindsay W. Seattle, WA
  • I hurt my lower back... to the point I couldn't walk, I was crawling on the floor to get everywhere. I wasn't getting any sleep at all...on a bed or a couch... cause I couldn't get up once I was already laying down. Although I'm not 100%, thru the devine chiropractic care of Dr. John I am way better than I was. You rock Dr. John!

    Jason L. Seattle, WA
  • My neck has never felt better. After years of ignoring whiplash from a horse riding accident, I suffered from migraines, trouble sleeping, and feeling irritable until I came here. My back has made progress too-- I have lumbar scoliosis-- and I no longer have the sciatic pain that inhibited my work life. Since I work at a hospital, I depend on my body to carry me through each day. I have so much more energy now! The staff is great and Dr. Chevigny takes his time in explaining the home exercises and why they benefit my specific condition.

    Mimi M. Seattle, WA
  • Dr. John Chevigny has saved my back! About a month ago I had a reoccurrence of sciatica and I went into Glacier Chiropractic based on all the great reviews only to find out the business had been sold. I decided to see if the new owner could help. It's been less than a month and I'm almost back to 100%. Considering I couldn't stand for more than a couple mins due to the extreme nerve pain in my leg... Thank you! I'd totally recommend stopping in!

    Jordan T. Pacific Grove, CA
  • Dr. Chevigny who recently got married, (congrats) is very patient and direct. I like that he lets you explain what your feeling/situation thoroughly instead of some docs I've had who try to just rush you through. My old Chiro retired and I'm glad he gave me a similar assessment.

    T C Seattle, WA
  • Julie Londergen is an amazing massage therapist. I've seen many a therapist in Seattle, and for years had only found one woman on whom I could rely. My yoga studio had a notice that Julie was giving $50 massages for the month of April, so I decided to try it, and I'm so glad I did. I'm very active, including regular running and related injuries, plus lots of kid-lifting/wrangling. Julie worked all the right areas to that perfect balance of pain/relief. She wasn't rushed, and I left feeling amazingly relaxed, which was somewhat surprising given the amount of hard work she did on the muscles. I'm going back next week again! Thanks, Julie!

    C R King, WA