MindBody Med in Seattle has certified therapists dedicated to your athletic recovery and performance. Our sports massage therapist use their experience to provide you with specialized techniques to improve circulation to injured areas, connective tissue, and sore muscles. A sports massage can perfectly complement any recovery day if you have experienced a sports-related injury or are looking for a better way to promote recovery and performance.

What Is Sports Massage?

A sports massage utilizes various movements and techniques to help your body achieve maximum performance and conditioning. Each session is tailored to the individual’s needs and focuses on pain relief and recovery.

Benefits Of Regular Sports Massages

  • Improved Healing Process
  • Increased Circulation
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Natural Pain Reliever

Alleviate Muscle Pain & Reduce Soreness

Locking and stretching your muscle tissue accelerates the release of endorphins in your body, allowing your muscles to relax quickly. This improves the recovery time of your muscles by removing unneeded tension. Regular sessions ensure your limbs and connective tissue remain supple and relaxed, not stiff and sore.

Improve Recovery Time & Relieve Tension

Massage therapy can give your body the extra edge it needs, boosting endurance as you continue to strengthen muscles. Whether training in a team sport or elevating your fitness goals, a regular sports massage ensures your limbs and connective tissue remain supple and relaxed, not stiff and sore.

Sports Massage To Prevent Future Injury

Massage therapy for sports injuries isn’t just for elite athletes. This specific type of therapy is perfect for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort within 12-24 hours after any strenuous activity. If you’re favoring a particular foot or arm due to pain, a sports injury massage can help relieve muscle tension, preventing further complications from unbalanced movements.

Schedule Your Sports Massage Therapy In Seattle

MindBody Med offers sports massage from certified therapists to promote healing for sports injuries, recovery, and enhanced performance in Seattle. Our team tailors treatment around your needs by combining chiropractic adjustments with therapeutic techniques to restore balance, flexibility, and mobility in your body. Schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options.