When you have experienced strenuous amounts of physical activity, a strain, or a sprain, the best gift you can give your body is a sports massage from the certified massage therapists at MindBody Med in Seattle. Sports injury massage makes use of specific therapeutic massage techniques that encourage circulation to injured areas, connective tissue, and sore muscles. Find out how a sports massage routine can benefit you on and off the playing field of your choice.

Alleviate Pain & Reduce Muscle Soreness

Following regularly scheduled massage therapy treatments, athletes who benefit from sports massage notice an increase in recovery time, strength, and flexibility. Many serious athletes recommend receiving a sports massage before and after a warm-up session, especially at the beginning of the season. Benefits of sports massage include:

  • Improved Healing Process
  • Increased Circulation
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Natural Pain Reliever

Improve Recovery Time & Relieve Tension

Massage therapy can provide your body with that extra edge it needs to boost endurance while you continue to strengthen muscles. Regardless of whether your training in a team sport or simply stepping up your fitness goals, a regular sports massage will help keep limbs and connective tissue supple and relaxed instead of stiff and sore.

Preventing Future Injury

Athletic injury massage therapy is not just for sports and fitness enthusiasts. This specific type of injury massage therapy is for anyone who feels pain or discomfort 12-24 hours after abnormally strenuous activities. When you begin to favor a particular foot or arm out of pain, a sports injury massage will help relieve muscle tension. This can help you avoid a permanent injury due to an unbalanced gait or awkward upper body movements.

Find Relief From Sports-Related Injuries

Soften muscle tissue, stretch large muscles, and release tension in trigger points with the professional sports massage therapists at MindBody Med in Seattle. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with effective alternative treatments for pain relief and physical recovery. Stop by our office or call us to schedule your next sports injury massage session today.