MindBody Med in Seattle offers corrective chiropractic care to find and correct primary problems in the structural alignment of the body. Just as a building needs a secure foundation, the body requires proper alignment to be strong. The problems that appear from structural alignment issues are commonly presented as symptoms of pain, tension, strain, headaches, and even some unusual disorders.

Symptoms Are Secondary Conditions

Symptoms are the nagging problem that usually brings people into our office, but they are actually a secondary condition. They are the direct result of another primary issue with the alignment of your spine and other body structures.

If your body has significant structural problems, a focused and structural approach is required. Just as there are specialists who do construction work on building foundations, there are also chiropractors who do structural work on your foundation.

Structural Problems Require Expertise

Corrective chiropractic care involves the examination of the whole body and the effects spinal alignments have on the central nervous system. It requires the patient and the doctor be proactive and goal-oriented, working off the findings of spinal x-rays and other diagnostic tools to identify issues and track changes throughout the course of care.

Some of the reasons people seek corrective chiropractic care include:

Preventative Chiropractic Care In Seattle, WA

The best approach to health is to be proactive and not reactive. Just like brushing your teeth to avoid cavities or sticking to a diet and regular exercise program, seeing your chiropractor and massage therapist on a regular basis will help avoid injury and the setbacks associated with them.