If you’re looking for a relaxing massage in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood, contact MindBody Med today. We believe in treating the whole person and approach healing with an understanding of the body’s interconnectedness. You’re in good hands with our experienced team of massage therapists.

Whole Body Massage

The idea of “interconnectedness” is a simple one. No ailments or pain happen in a vacuum or on their own. If you are experiencing neck pain, that pain has triggers or causes in other parts of the body, which means those areas need to be worked. Deep tissue massage bridges and connects your body from crown to toe. This brings a sense of relief to every area, not just your noticeable problem areas. It’s this very idea of interconnectedness that makes massage therapy so effective at treating pain, injury, and even chronic illness. When you speak with an experienced massage therapist at MindBody Med, you will receive customized and attentive care from one of Seattle’s best.

Holistic Pain Management

According to research by AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), 72% of clients seek chiropractic massage therapy for medical reasons. In particular, people are seeking pain relief as they become increasingly wary of pharmaceutical options. When you come in for a massage appointment with us, let your massage therapist know about any health issues before we start.

Having a full picture of your health helps our team know which modalities and practices to include, or avoid in your individual massage session. This helps us to better give you the holistic pain management you desire. We also offer massages to help recover from injuries. Some treatments at MindBody Med will need to be repeated at intervals for maximum relief and effect. We look forward to showing you how effectively this drug-free method can help to manage your pain.

Massage For Healing & Health

Experienced Massage TherapistsThe benefits of massage therapy apply to a variety of conditions. From back pain to insomnia, massage can help restore balance and health to the body. You might come in for sports injury massage therapy, but find it also gives relief for your anxiety; it’s that idea of interconnectedness coming into play. While this is hardly a conclusive list, here are some of the common conditions treated with massage:

Expert Massage Therapists In Seattle, WA

At MindBody Med in Seattle, Washington we believe in the healing power of massage and its effect on the whole body. Health and wellness with a holistic approach is the standard of care for all of our practitioners. We look forward to helping you along the path to healing, health, and wellness at our Ravenna location.