At MindBody Med, we can help you find natural relief from neck pain in Seattle. Trade more invasive treatments for a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and musculoskeletal therapy that work at the root cause of your condition. Even if you’ve tried multiple therapies without finding lasting relief, we can help.

The Underlying Cause

Chronic neck pain can be caused by work, your everyday lifestyle, and old injuries. Issues as common as poor sleeping habits can even contribute. Acute neck pain usually occurs suddenly, after a sports injury or car accident, for example. Once we uncover the source, we will develop a holistic treatment plan to aid in healing, ease any stiffness or discomfort, and help you get back to life more comfortably.

Chiropractic Adjustments For Neck Pain

Chiropractic adjustments are a non-invasive, drug-free, alternative neck pain treatment. The seven vertebrae in your neck are supported by ligaments, muscles, and nerves that surround and connect to the lower half of your torso. Inflamed and torn muscles can cause debilitating pain. Correcting your body’s alignment can often also address any underlying issues, reducing pain, restoring flexibility, and restoring range of motion.

Personalized Plans For Pain Relief

Whether your neck pain comes from personal habits, a car accident, or your work, we can develop a treatment plan designed just for you. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, you may benefit from professional massage therapy, musculoskeletal therapy, and lifestyle modification advice.

We can teach you, for example, ways to correct posture while sleeping, sitting at a computer desk, standing at work, and reading on small digital devices. Our massage therapists can also recommend specific techniques that relieve stress as well as loosen muscles.

Neck Pain Treatment In Seattle

Let MindBody Med in Seattle help you with neck pain. A stiff neck, stabbing neck pain, or tender muscles in your neck can be a thing of the past with proper treatment. Find natural relief designed for you by scheduling a chiropractic appointment with us. Call today. Our staff is looking forward to helping you heal from the inside out.