Our deep tissue massage provides relief from muscle tension, body aches and chronic pain. With a licensed message therapist at MindBody Med, Seattle, WA, this technique will aid in increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and injury healing.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage connects your body from crown to toe. This brings a sense of relief to every area, not just your noticeable problem areas. The idea of interconnectedness makes this therapy so effective at treating pain, injury, and even chronic illness.

This professional technique works the deeper layers of your muscle and fascia (connective tissue) to get to the root of any stiffness, pain, or discomfort you may be experiencing. Your massage therapist will apply slow, firm pressure to problem areas to help your body release tightness and tension.

Relieve Pain & Regain Mobility

Whether you’re dealing with scar tissue, adhesions, or muscle knots, the slow pressure we use during your deep tissue massage can help bring relief. This therapeutic technique can alleviate many common problems.

7 Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Because deep tissue massage works on a deeper level, it has the potential to promote better health overall. Studies have shown that deep tissue massage can encourage better circulation and oxytocin production — a hormone linked with positive emotions. This increase in oxytocin levels can slow your heart rate, relieving stress and anxiety.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure
  2. Decrease Inflammation
  3. Improve Range Of Motion
  4. Increase Happy Hormones
  5. Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  6. Improve Posture
  7. Better Sleep At Night

Deep Tissue Vs. Swedish Massage

Back Pain Massage Chiro

Deep tissue massage is therapeutic, unlike relaxing techniques like aromatherapy, Swedish massage, or hot stone. Feeling some slight discomfort during your first session is normal as your therapist goes to work on those tight spots. You should let your therapist know if anything feels wrong or painful during your appointment.

It’s perfectly normal to feel stiff or sore for a day or two afterward and is part of the expected recovery process. The best thing you can do is stay relaxed and follow your therapist’s aftercare instructions. Contact us immediately if your discomfort doesn’t seem to be going away.

Schedule A Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Session

Do you experience chronic pain, muscle tightness, or the achy effects of a lingering injury? A deep tissue massage therapist at MindBody Med will help you find the release you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Seattle clinic, conveniently located in the Ravenna neighborhood.