For a whole body approach to reduce chronic pain and heal from muscle injuries, Seattle patients can find relief with a Swedish massage at MindBody Med in the easily accessible Ravenna neighborhood. Our professional massage therapists are skilled in many effective massage techniques. Swedish massage, specifically, is excellent for those who are:

  • Recovering From A Sports Injury
  • Working Physically Demanding Jobs
  • Experiencing Poor Circulation
  • Stressed Or Depressed
  • Sore And Tired
  • Detoxing

What Is Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage works the soft muscle tissue surrounding your ligaments and circulatory system. The relaxing rhythmic flow of a Swedish massage helps to move trapped nutrients and wastes settled in the body’s immune and lymphatic system out into your muscles for faster, natural healing. So, you get benefits from your massage appointment that last far beyond the moment you leave the massage table.

Therapeutic Benefits through Correct Technique

Different massage techniques offer different therapeutic benefits. These can target or affect specific areas of the body. Our skilled massage therapists are sensitive and knowledgeable about the type of massage therapy that will be best for your medical needs and chiropractic treatment plans. Swedish massage benefits offer more than just pain relief. After a Swedish massage you can expect:

  • Released Tension & Relaxation
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Boosted Energy Levels
  • Increased Circulation
  • Greater Flexibility
  • And More!

Is This Massage Right For You?

As typical for any medical therapy, Swedish massage is not for every painful disease. If you have diabetes, have broken a bone, suffer from hemophilia, osteoporosis, have had a recent infection, or are combating certain skin diseases, Swedish massage may not be for you. Talk with your primary care doctor to find out if massage therapy would work well for your specific medical condition.

Schedule Your Relaxation Session In Seattle

The friendly massage therapists at MindBody Med are here to help you achieve total relaxation during your Swedish massage. Call us in Seattle to reserve a Swedish massage appointment for a better and less stressful day. We look forward to showing you how this massage technique can fit into your overall health routine in order to encourage overall wellness.