At MindBody Med we love to help our local Seattle, WA residents reach their full potential with whole food supplementation for healthier living. Customized nutrition plans, including high-quality supplements, in addition to their regular chiropractic care, keep your body running well from the inside out.

Why Specialized Nutrition Care Is Necessary

The human body is designed to use vitamins and minerals from the food consumed to run at peak performance. With the current food supply and our busy, hectic lifestyles, our bodies rarely get the full range of vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain peak performance.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Each person is different and unique. No two people have the same nutritional needs. We can create a custom nutrition plan for you that utilizes diet and whole food supplements to get your body running at optimum levels.

We analyze what you and your body are saying to determine where your current nutrition is lacking and then create a unique, personalized plan to correct those deficiencies with the use of specially formulated nutritional supplements.

Can I Just Eat My Way To Better Health?

Our bodies are designed to function on nutrition from the environment. A healthy, whole food diet is an essential part of helping our bodies to heal and perform their best. Unfortunately, the quality of our current food supply has taken a drastic decline. Over-farming has created crops that are often lacking in key nutrients and toxic pesticides and fertilizers decrease these nutritional values even further.

Add in an overabundance of processed, yet convenient, foods and busy lifestyles and we find that even those that are very strict and careful with their diets frequently have nutritional gaps leaving their bodies unable to heal or perform at their best.

Synthetic Vs Whole Food Supplements

Roughly half of the US population takes some form of vitamin supplement. Walk into any pharmacy or grocery store, and you will find an overwhelming abundance of supplements to choose from. We understand that vitamins and minerals are crucial for our bodies. They give our immune systems a boost and help to protect our joints, bones, muscles, and vital organs.

What you may not realize, though, is that not all supplements are created equal. Synthetic supplements are not ideal for your body just as processed food is never your best option. Ideally, you should always choose whole food supplements over the synthetic options for numerous reasons.

  • Whole food supplements are completely natural which means that they are easier for the body to work with and use than synthetic options.
  • Whole food supplements are better absorbed by the body because they’re created from whole foods.
  • Synthetic supplements are not always absorbed by our bodies and they can’t help your body if your body is unable to absorb them.

A More Complete Nutrition Profile

Since whole food supplements are real food, in its entirety, they work more efficiently. They supply your body with the vitamins and minerals needed, as well as secondary ingredients that often work in conjunction with the vitamins in ways that are not currently fully understood. This provides adequate and complete nutrition overall in comparison to taking the isolated vitamins that synthetic supplements offer.

Reach Your Peak Performance Today

At MindBody Med, we can work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that will work in conjunction with our chiropractic services to help your body heal and begin working at its best. If you’re ready to take control of your health with a holistic, all natural, and effective whole body approach, then contact our Seattle, WA area office to make your appointment today.