MindBody Med in Seattle, WA offers functional nutrition counseling services to help you live your healthiest life. We help you create a personalized nutrition plan that’s right for you. With an individualized nutrition plan, you can meet your fitness goals faster, boost your immune system, and maximize your overall health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Counseling For Whole Body Health

Personalized nutritional therapy gives you the tools you need to make better diet and supplementation decisions for optimal health. Our NTP can help
you improve your overall health by showing you how to support and bring balance to your digestion, blood sugar levels, fatty acids levels, mineral intake, and hydration through a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet, and individual supplements. By supporting each of these foundations you empower your body’s chemistry to return or elevate to a natural, healthy balance.

Personalized Nutrition Plans – Foods That Help You Feel Your Best

We can help design a natural and safe meal plan that meets the needs of your body, your schedule, your budget, and your taste buds. When you receive individualized nutrition counseling, you will gain a better understanding of how different foods affect all aspects of your body and health. We will listen to your current struggles and goals and create a plan that works with your lifestyle. A holistic, whole food diet has many benefits:

  • Strengthens The Immune System
  • Boosts Brain Health
  • Improves Mood
  • Helps With Weight Loss & Maintenance
  • Aids Gut Health
  • Enhances Sleep Quality
  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces The Risk Of Developing Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes

Your Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Our nutritionist is board certified in holistic nutrition. This means that she has achieved the highest level of professional recognition and validation of knowledge and experience in the holistic nutrition industry. To earn this designation, you must demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding of holistic nutrition by sitting through a board exam and documenting client contact hours as well as completing annual continuing education.

You can feel confident that you are not just getting another generic diet plan. You are getting great, education-driven advice that is based on your unique body makeup, lifestyle, and health concerns.

Expert Nutrition Counseling In Seattle

If you are ready to take the next steps and learn to heal your body with food, then contact us today for an appointment with a certified functional nutrition counselor. MindBody Med in Seattle, Washington, has a comprehensive approach to health and wellness services and offer many health-promoting services, including chiropractic adjustment, sports and therapeutic massage, pain treatment, and physiotherapy. Get ready to live your best, healthiest, pain-free life – contact us today!