Maria Carvajal LMPMassage Therapist

    Maria has been practicing in the greater Seattle area since June, 2013. Graduating with a focus in injury treatment, Maria uses her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to create lasting change, in both medical and relaxation sessions.

    In each massage she works with a variety of techniques:

    • Swedish massage
    • myofascial release
    • trigger point protocol
    • tender point protocol
    • proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
    • deep transverse frictions
    • knowledge of fascial meridians
    • concepts of structural integration as indicated.

    Utilizing this diverse set of skills and assessment tools, she is able to create a treatment plan that will benefit each individual patient based on their particular needs and ailments. Her caring, personable identity lends to valuable communication which is the key to exceeding the highest quality of healing and relaxation.

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