If you’re suffering from pain and stiffness from frozen shoulder, chiropractic treatment alongside other healing modalities at MindBody Med in Seattle, WA can help. We offer holistic, drug-free solutions to a variety of disorders and injuries.

What Is Frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is when pain and stiffness occur in the shoulder joint. It’s usually from inflammation and irritation in the tissue surrounding the joint.

Who’s At Risk From Frozen Shoulder?

Certain diseases can increase your risk. These include diabetes, thyroid issues, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, or Parkinson’s. It can also occur with overuse, or when you’ve kept your arm immobile for too long. Immobility can result from a stroke, surgery, or injury.

Three Stages Of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder often starts as a dull ache or pain. It goes through three stages, freezing, frozen, and thawing.

  • Freezing — The freezing stage is typically the most painful. You’ll experience pain and reduced mobility. Pain often increases at night.
  • Frozen — Pain may decrease at this stage but you’ll still experience stiffness and decreased mobility.
  • Thawing — Movement becomes easier and may slowly return to normal.

How Does A Chiropractor Treat Frozen Shoulder?

A common treatment performed by a chiropractor is the Niel Asher Technique. The chiropractor applies pressure and stretches key points to manipulate the joints and surrounding muscle tissue. Your chiropractor may also check your spinal alignment to see if you need adjustments. Shoulder, neck, and upper back pain are often associated with issues originating in the spine.

You may also be given exercises at home to help expedite your results. Chiropractic treatments can help restore range of motion, reduce pain, and restore strength in the area.

How Long Does It Take To Find Relief?

Without treatment, frozen shoulder can take up to three years to resolve. A series of treatments from a chiropractor can greatly reduce recovery time. Some patients have found relief in a matter of months or even less.

Other Treatments For Frozen Shoulder

Many patients find that a combination of therapies can greatly increase healing time. Besides chiropractic care, you may also want to include massage therapy and acupuncture in your treatments. Massage and acupuncture have been shown to reduce pain and improve blood flow in the area.

Holistic Healing For Frozen Shoulder In Seattle, WA

Frozen shoulder can be painful and make even the simplest tasks like putting on a shirt difficult. It can disrupt your sleep and everyday activities. You don’t have to live with pain or wait years for it to resolve on its own. MindBody Med in Seattle, WA offers chiropractic care and other healing modalities such as massage therapy and acupuncture. Call us today to see how we can help.