A chiropractic adjustment has numerous benefits for your well-being, but if you experience fatigue or flu-like symptoms after your treatment, you may be experiencing a toxin release. The release of toxins may not feel pleasant, but it is temporary and has health benefits.

What Is A Toxin Release?

When your body is misaligned, toxins gather in bubbles around the joints and spine. During an adjustment, your chiropractor bursts these toxic bubbles and releases subluxations (vertebrae that are out of position) that block blood flow around your spine. You may feel unwell for a short period as normal blood flow returns, releasing toxins into your bloodstream. About 15-20% of patients experience this side effect.

Symptoms of Toxin Release After An Adjustment

Some people experience minor side effects for a few days after a chiropractic adjustment. Any symptoms you experience after an adjustment are the body’s way of ridding itself of toxins. Most people’s symptoms are mild and resolve fairly quickly. As you continue your treatments and your body is restored, you will likely no longer have to deal with the symptoms of toxin release.

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Cold Or Flu-like Symptoms
  • Night Sweats
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Tight Muscles

Things To Do After Every Chiropractor Adjustment

You’ve taken the first step toward a healthier body and mind by seeking chiropractic treatment. Seeing your chiropractor is only the first step. You should take several steps after your initial chiropractic appointment to promote overall wellness.

  • Get Plenty Of Rest
  • Light Exercises Such As Walking Or Yoga
  • Eat Healthy Meals
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Keep A Regular Schedule Of Treatments With Your Chiropractor

Is Toxin Release Good For Your Body?

Toxin release is a positive response to spinal manipulation. Your body is clearing energy blockages and ridding itself of harmful toxins that irritate your nervous system.

Health & Wellness Chiropractic Adjustments In Seattle, WA

After chiropractic adjustments, it is possible to feel fatigued or sick, but this is only temporary. A series of chiropractic adjustments has numerous benefits that far outweigh any mild or temporary side effects. With regular treatment, you’ll feel increased energy, reduced pain, improved posture, and better brain function. Contact our holistic health and wellness specialists at MindBody Med in Seattle, WA, to help you achieve balance and wellness.